• Facilities Master Planning
  • Space Programming
  • Exterior & Interior Design
  • Graphic & 3D visualization Design
  • Hardscape & Softscape


Urban Development & Governance Goals

  • Propose an Integrated Spatial Development Plan for region identifying economic projects, urban development and social development programs.
  • Develop internal and organic cross sectorial linkages and interdependencies in land use and ownership patterns.
  • Propose a development phasing strategy.
  • Planning cash flow, human resources, natural resources and governance strategy.

Setting Vision & Development Objectives

  • Review existing plans and summarize key issues
  • Review the current legal framework relevant to different development activities.
  • Propose & validate Vision & Objectives

Site Assessment

  • Assessment of Natural and Human Resources Database
  • Identify key findings to describe the strategic and local context of the site.
  • Review of territorial and economic potential of the area.
  • Market Study and User Analysis.
  • Develop a geological database.
  • Analysis of existing activities relevant to different sectors of the study.
  • Carry out a survey based on collected data and site visits for the existing activities.
  • Analysis of the needs assessments and surveys of the current and proposed Uses
  • Analysis of the current spatial organization and relationship with nearby areas

Portfolio of Initial Development Projects& Phasing Strategy

  • Identifying market and societal opportunities both internationally and nationally.
  • Analysis data and conclude gap analysis to achieve vision ofdevelopment.
  • Carry out an assessment to define potential projects (Vision and Benchmarks).
  • Set and analyze various alternatives for the phasing of project.
  • Develop Implementation Roadmap (phasing strategy).
  • Determine the optimal phasing strategy for the investment.
  • Extraction units for First Category Set of Minerals: Scoping studies.
  • Extraction for Pre-evaluation study (based on minerals occurrences).
  • Industrial, agricultural, touristic, trading, etc.: Pre-feasibility studies.
  • Conclude phasing strategy and support promotion of projects to investors.


  • Fixing development project’s spatially and geographically and link with infrastructure resources, stations and networks.
  • The roads and transportations planning and networks
  • Develop mitigation and mediation measures.
  • Detailed development Regulations and Guidelines sectorial and geographically.
  • Zoning of activities.
  • Estimate densities, district / distribution of plots, massing and images, green and open spaces, landmarks, amenities and ancillary services.
  • Strategic proposals for new utilities
  • Urban patterns (scattered/compact development, Eco development, etc)
  • Economic facilities system
  • Utilities support base; detailed utilities planning
  • Geographic description of the phases (on a map using GIS UTM System)
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