Our History

Company Establishment

In 1970,Dr. Mohamed El Adawy Nassef founded the Consulting Engineering Group- CEGMAN – to provide state–of-the art technologies for engineering consultation to several giant engineering projects at Egypt and MENA region.

The business engagements includegovernmental bodies, companies, corporations and private sector.

Through clear vision, steady improvement, employee empowerment, and dedication to customer satisfaction, CEGMAN continues to act as an effective firm providing consultation services through application of the latest world advances in management, engineering, and economics delivering highest quality services.


Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Adawy

The founder of CEGMAN through which he used to provide engineering consulting experiences to several giant engineering projects at the local and national level .

He graduated in 1955 from structural engineering department, Cairo University; he obtained the Ph. D. degree at 1961 – Cairo University. He was a visiting professor at University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, U.S.A. during 1965 & 1966 then assistant professor in the civil engineering section at Santa Clara University & Stanford University in California, U.S.A. up to the end of 1967.

He was the head of Structural Department and Head of Concrete Research Lab. at Cairo University, during which he supervised 46 academic theses approved by the Egyptian universities of which are 12 Doctorate dissertations and 34 Master’s treatise.

He was a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Experimental Stress Analysis Society, (E.S.A.S.) International Association for Bridges and Structural Establishment I.A.B.S.E. & Concrete the European Bureau & Prefabricated Concrete Bureau C.E.B – F.I.B.

Dr. Adawy acted in many prestigious associations among which are the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, the Egyptian Society of Engineers (Chairman), the Egyptian Society of Consulting Engineers, the permanent committee of Egyptian code for designing and executing the reinforced concrete constructions since 1984, and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Dr. Adawy had received many awards of excellence for his achievements; in addition, he obtained the honorary States Award in engineering sciences for 2001 – Scientific Research & Technology Academy.

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